Edwin B. Eckel (Bobop)

Ed was my grandfather. Known as Bobop to our immediate family due to a child’s inability to say grandpa, he was a Santa, hero, and deity to me. This is in no small part due to the separation between Connecticut and Colorado, as well as the neat places he traveled to in the world. The rare opportunities we got to visit with him were treasured times.
After growing up in Washington, DC, Ed married LaCharles in 1931 – he was 25 – evidently met while investigating the Southwest’s geology. Three children followed – Edie in 1932, Dick in 1936, and Bob in 1939. In the late 70’s I asked him about what he did during the war (WWII) and learned that he spent the pre-war years seeking and helping develop mercury resources, as a strategic war material. Near the end, he was sent to investigate on German war materials sites where his expertise came in handy; large earth sheltered manufacturing and weapons facilities.
After many years in the US Geological Survey, he retired to his home in Denver.

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